Our Approach

To deliver pure, unadulterated Upper Cervical Specific Knee Chest training as transcended from the Greenbooks by Dr. B.J. Palmer to Dr. Lyle Sherman to Dr. Michael U. Kale. The lineage specific approach will provide unparalleled guidance through each step of the educational process.

Our Story

The TIC Institute is the oldest Upper Cervical Specific Knee Chest organization in the world.  The training modules were derived from the definitive teaching of Dr. B.J. Palmer and more specifically through the infamous research years of 1935-1951 whereas Dr. Lyle Sherman was the Director of the B.J. Palmer Chiropractic Research Center during this time period and he along side of Dr. Palmer researched over 5000 cases and hence derived the Knee Chest protocols.  Dr. Michael Kale in later years was humble enough to have the awesome opportunity to become the only Doctor to work on staff, in private practice, with Dr. Lyle Sherman absorbing and gaining this vast knowledge of this craft by the man who worked with the man. Then Dr. Michael U. Kale entrusted his son Dr. B.J Kale to continue his  distinct legacy through unwavering direction by traveling the world in search of sickness delivering and teaching the Upper Cervical Specific Knee Chest to hundreds of Doctors and Students.  Today Dr. B.J. Kale and Dr. Rick Means, II continue to offer these preserved teachings to students and Doctors worldwide free of charge.  They believe that no one should have to pay for this awesome knowledge that was passed down to them in the lineage.

Meet the Team

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Dr. B.J. Kale

Founder & CEO

Dr. Rick Means, II

Dr. Rick Means II

Vice President

Next Steps...

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